Smart data for a comfortable climate

MeteoViva Climate – Proactive for the most comfortable indoor climate

With MeteoViva Climate, you are positioning your building for the future: MeteoViva Climate delivers a healthy indoor climate while reducing energy consumption. It does not simply react to variations in the indoor temperature, it anticipates the impact of the weather as well as that of the building use, to control the system, proactively and automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your building, expertly managed

How does it work? Very simply: the technology incorporates the building physics and all the factors influencing indoor climate. This includes energy prices, occupancy, the weather. From that information, MeteoViva Climate determines the control data to deliver the optimum amount of heating or cooling energy and airflow required to maintain the desired climate in each of the building zones. Of course, it knows to prioritize the most efficient equipment to deliver heating or cooling at all times. And when your climate requirements change, temporarily or permanently, the MeteoViva Cockpit lets you change these in a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Upgrade for your building automation system

MeteoViva Climate can interface with any existing building automation. It is readily suited for existing and new buildings and is also independent of the HVAC used behind the building automation system. Finally, it easily accommodates future changes to the building and of the equipment.

Set priorities – reduce costs

With the climate profile determined by the building operator, MeteoViva Climate minimizes the cost of achieving the desired climate. And prioritizing the most efficient equipment to deliver heating or cooling, automated sun shading, if available, will be activated before increasing the delivery of cool forced air in the space.




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