The quick and easy way to a predictive solution

Become a customer in four steps

As an energy, facility or sustainability manager your goals may be far ranging: Achieve a comfortable indoor climate with maximum energy efficiency, preserve resources and personnel, reduce workloads  through process optimization, achieve or improve on a LEED certification and increase the value of your real estate. MeteoViva Climate is the solution and will help you achieve your goals.

Step 1: Feasibility Study

Achieve a lot with little: we only need limited information about how you use your building, a profile of your HVAC and BMS, and your energy costs. This will allow us to provide you with an estimate of potential savings and costs, free of charge.

Step 2: The Fine Analysis

A cost-effective strategy: For a nominal fee, we will analyze your HVAC and building management systems and energy consumption. Based on the findings, we will present you with a binding offer for a complete installation - including upgrades and retrofits, if necessary - and guarantee minimum savings for the first year of operations.

Step 3: Setup

Well positioned: With your green light, the installation will take place. We’ll setup the hardware and software and complete the installation. Once completed, we will calibrate the model: we will simply monitor the building and all of its parameters (temperatures, consumptions, flows, etc.) to fine tune the model and ensure its accuracy. With the calibration complete, and your green light, MeteoViva Climate can go into production and send the optimized control data to your BMS.

Step 4: Ongoing optimization

Objective achieved: You now benefit from MeteoViva’s continuous optimization, saving energy and providing your tenants with a better climate. Also, gain peace of mind knowing that the building is monitored, and a “1st level support” is there to assist you. And if you were to decide to change the desired temperature in a given zone or adjust a schedule, just use the MeteoViva Cockpit to make the desired changes with a couple of mouse clicks.

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