MeteoViva Climate makes sustainability measurable.

Certified sustainability – with MeteoViva Climate

Be it the EU taxonomy regulation or national climate protection laws - without verifiability of sustainability measures, it will no longer be possible in the real estate sector in the future. Since 2010, MeteoViva Climate has been optimizing the operation of buildings and providing proof of its impact. Our smart data solution basically serves all three building blocks of sustainability: ecology, social and economy.

The use of MeteoViva Climate now facilitates DGNB certification buildings in operation

MeteoViva is the first company whose product MeteoViva Climate has been officially recognized by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) as a service for the 2020 version of the "Buildings in Operation" certification system. As a result of the DGNB recognition, the use of MeteoViva Climate is now automatically linked to a guaranteed level of compliance with which the service will be included in the certification result - regardless of the specific project characteristics. MeteoViva Climate ensures its users at least a silver DGNB certificate from the outset.

Press Release on DGNB Recognition
Interview with Markus Werner "It's no longer possible without certified sustainability"

MeteoViva Climate as a holistic sustainability solution

MeteoViva Climate has a positive impact on seven of the nine environmental, economic, social and functional criteria defined by the DGNB. MeteoViva Climate covers fixed and variable indicators in the criteria "climate protection and energy", "operating costs", "risk management and value retention", "procurement and management", "indoor comfort" and "user friendliness". Depending on the project, indicators of the criterion "water" are also fulfilled

DGNB Score-based Audit Report (in German)

Data at the push of a button

With the help of the data automatically generated by MeteoViva Climate, energy savings, CO2 reduction but also the quality of the indoor climate can be quantified and thus economically evaluated.

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