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MeteoViva wins Digital Energy Award

 “Intelligent, software-based solutions represent the critical enabler to fully exploit the potential offered by smart grids, energy storage and renewable energy generation” the jury reasoned…..more

MeteoViva conquers the German Airports

MeteoViva Climate has now established solid credentials in the airport segment with three new orders placed by the Düsseldorf and Frankfurt airports. At the same time, Düsseldorf Airport decided to test the new Campus Solution, an extension of MeteoViva specifically designed for airports and multi-building environments. More about this in our press release and in new Case studies from Airport Düsseldorf and Airport Frankfurt.

Smart data for an optimum climate

MeteoViva Climate is the smart data solution used by MeteoViva to also make your building smarter.


MeteoViva Cockpit – The personal control center

The encrypted Internet portal is the control center for building managers and operating personnel. Here you can set your desired climate for the climate zone in each room, retrieve measured data and system states, and read out consumption values. In addition, the MeteoViva Cockpit independently reports faults via email, text or smartphone app. Around the clock - before the building users notice something.


With MeteoViva you make profits right from the start.

The setup is financed exclusively by the savings earned - and that is guaranteed. MeteoViva offers two financing models for that. Regardless of which model you choose - in the end there is always a win-win situation.


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