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Take the next step towards energy sustainbility

For a better present and future

As a pioneer in predictive building energy management, meteoviva develops intelligent software solutions that make every real estate portfolio climate-neutral.

Our mission is simple:

  • Create maximum user comfort with smart data technologies
  • Make it simple and easy for buildings to be more efficient, climate-friendly, and fit for the future
  • Reconcile ecology and economy.
2 Personen unterhalten sich über intelligente Softwarelösungen von meteoviva, die jedes Immobilienportfolio klimaneutral machen.
Die Bürogebäude auf dem Bild werden mit Smart-Data-Technologien von meteoviva effizienter und klimafreundlicher

Rise to the challenge

meteoviva has energy and carbon management solutions that deliver building sustainability goals, while also providing a great experience for occupants.

Modular solutions are guaranteed to be effective, with an energy savings potential of up to 40 per cent and reduced CO2 emissions.

  • Control energy consumption and carbon footprint
  • Forget the hassle of accessing and analysing siloed data
  • Manage and control your data.


projects in nine countries


Energy­ cost savings

6 mio.

square meters  of controlled real estate worldwide

300 Tsd.

tons of CO2 savings

meteoviva offers simple and effective solutions a
to reduce the carbon footprint
of our real estate portfolio.

Holger Hosang, Managing Partner and Co-Head Transaction and Asset Management at Sonar

Our smart way for a smart future


meteoviva sbe

meteoviva sbe brings data to life. It visualises your building‘s room temperatures, energy consumption, and reductions in CO2 emissions.

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meteoviva ems

meteoviva ems gives energy consumption transparency and shows new opportunities for cost savings.

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meteoviva dsm

meteoviva dsm optimises your building’s compatibility with the energy grid, so you can take advantage of the most affordable and eco-friendly energy sources.

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meteoviva one

meteoviva one is our entry-level product. It allows you to achieve initial reductions in CO2 emissions quickly and easily.

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meteoviva climate

meteoviva climate sets unrivalled standards in CO2 reduction. We are unmatched by other providers on the market.

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amanteia is a software tool that uses environmental simulation and data analysis. It calculates the investments needed to achieve the greatest CO2 savings and how you can prevent a stranded asset.

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to the solutions

Results guaranteed

Customers rely on meteoviva for impactful results and sustainable savings. We guarantee up to 40 per cent less energy costs and lower CO2 emissions from buildings. Smart algorithms calculate precise savings to promote efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Grafik unterschiedlich große Bürogebäude. meteoviva macht jedes Gebäude klimafreundlicher.

Smart solutions for a smarter future

No matter what the type of building – new or existing, large or small, a shopping centre with many tenants, or a climate-controlled museum – our products have the power to transform performance.

Assured reductions in energy and CO2 emissions.

You can trust meteoviva to deliver up to 40 per cent reduction in energy costs and CO2 emissions. Our smart data solutions, advanced digital twinning technology, and algorithms let us accurately calculate and guarantee your savings.

Discover our projects

Shopping center “Das Schloss”
Industry & Trade

Schloss Berlin energy costs down by 20%.

The Fleethof 1–3
Office buildings

Fleet Hamburg cuts energy costs by 44% in the first year.

Hohe Bleichen 7
Office buildings

Hohe Bleichen 7 is now easier to achieve using meteoviva's smart data technology.

Office buildings

WTC Dresden speeds up building certification with meteoviva climate.

The Friedrich Carré 1 und 2
Office buildings

Friedrich Carrè Berlin saves €100,000.

GAP 15
Office buildings

Iconic GAP 15 in Düsseldorf sets new standards in efficiency.

American University
Public buildings

American University, Washington D.C. slashes carbon emissions by 42%.

EnBW Regional Center
Office buildings

EnBW pioneers demand side management with meteoviva.

Office buildings

Germany's largest office building, The Squaire at Frankfurt Airport, achieves sustainability goals with meteoviva.

Dominium Group headquarters
Office buildings

Better indoor climate leads to 90% drop in complaints at Dominium Cologne.

BMW Group IT Centre
Industry & Trade

BMW IT Center reduces energy consumption and achieves a stable indoor climate, with no extra costs.

1999 K Street
Office buildings

1999 K Street, Washington, D.C., avoids load peaks with meteoviva dsm.

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