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THE SQUAIRE, Frankfurt, Sonar Real Estate 

Office building

Area: 140,000 m²

Product: meteoviva climate

The Squaire is Germany’s largest commercial property. It embodies modernity and innovation and hosts diverse services, from offices to event spaces. A glass façade of 660-meter length, 64-meter width, 45-meter height present an energy efficiency challenge.

To modernize a larger-than-average building to save energy consumption and costs.


meteoviva worked with Holger Hosang, Managing Partner at Sonar, and his team to conduct a detailed feasibility study and calculate potential savings. With meteoviva climate, The Squaire was connected to the existing building management system via a data interface and controlled predictively.


400 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year and 14% of the previous emissions were avoided. With more efficient usage, energy costs were reduced by around 20%. This was made possible by smart data and the use of a thermodynamic model that simulates heating, air conditioning, and ventilation performance.


total floor area


14 %

Carbon emissions savings: 400 tonnes per year

1,3 years

payback period


20 %

reduction in energy costs


With meteoviva, we have found a partner
for the decarbonisation of our buildings.

Holger Hosang, Managing Partner and Co-Head of Transaction and Asset Management at Sonar

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