Logo meteoviva climate– smart climate solution – setzt Maßstäbe in der CO2-Reduzierung

Revolutionary, smart, and effective. Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 40 per cent.

meteoviva’s digital building control system slashes CO2 emissions and energy expenses by up to 40 per cent without compromising the indoor climate. We achieve this by using data models and simulation techniques to determine the building’s heating, cooling, and air requirements. This predictive building control has set the bar for non-residential building decarbonisation for years.

Our company is certified to DIN ISO27001 and our products are therefore absolutely safe.

Climate protection without capex

meteoviva’s climate protection solutions are easy to maintain
and save operating costs.

Carsten Schmidt, Technical Asset Management at Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH

Smart certification

Would you like to achieve your building certification faster? DGNB standards are the global benchmark in sustainability. meteoviva climate makes it easier for you to certify “buildings in operation” to these standards. meteoviva climate guarantees its customers a score of 50.8 per cent from the outset. A score of 75 per cent is achievable. meteoviva climate simplifies and reduces the cost of certification.

Immobilienportfolio – Wir garantieren Ihnen bis zu 40 Prozent weniger Energiekosten und weniger CO2-Emissionen Ihrer Gebäude.
Zertifikat meteoviva Garantierte Energieeinsparung

Results guaranteed

Customers rely on meteoviva for impactful results and sustainable savings. We guarantee up to 40 per cent less energy costs and lower CO2 emissions from buildings. Smart algorithms calculate precise savings to promote efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Safe by design

Data security is core to our business. This means our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing their energy efficiency is improving and their data is safe.

Our clients include banks and operators of critical infrastructures such as DB Immobilien, the City of Hamburg, and Düsseldorf Airport.

From software development and implementation in the building, through to operation and the data centre, we are DIN ISO 27001 certified. This makes us one of the few certified smart data providers in our industry.

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