Smart solutions for a smarter future

Smart and modular

No matter what the type of building – new or existing, large or small, a shopping centre with many tenants, or a climate-controlled museum – our products have the power to transform performance.

Assured reductions in energy and CO2 emissions.

You can trust meteoviva to deliver up to 40 per cent reduction in energy costs and CO2 emissions. Our smart data solutions, advanced digital twinning technology, and algorithms let us accurately calculate and guarantee your savings.

amanteia is a software tool that uses environmental simulation and data analysis. It calculates the investments needed to achieve the greatest CO2 savings and how you can prevent a stranded asset.

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meteoviva climate sets unrivalled standards in CO2 reduction. We are unmatched by other providers on the market.

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meteoviva one is our entry-level product. It allows you to achieve initial reductions in CO2 emissions quickly and easily.

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meteoviva dsm optimises your building’s compatibility with the energy grid, so you can take advantage of the most affordable and eco-friendly energy sources.

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meteoviva ems gives energy consumption transparency and shows new opportunities for cost savings.

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meteoviva sbe brings data to life. It visualises your building‘s room temperatures, energy consumption, and reductions in CO2 emissions.

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We only realised afterwards how much CO2 we had saved with meteoviva. And it’s so easy.

Olaf Teichmann, Deutsche Bahn AG

Safe by design

Data security is core to our business. This means our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing their energy efficiency is improving and their data is safe.

Our clients include banks and operators of critical infrastructures such as DB Immobilien, the City of Hamburg, and Düsseldorf Airport.

From software development and implementation in the building, through to operation and the data centre, we are DIN ISO 27001 certified. This makes us one of the few certified smart data providers in our industry.

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Intelligent networking products

We work with customers to deliver sustainable improvements.

Our solutions can be used individually or in different combinations. Our digital services interact with each building, and with each other, via a simple interface, so that they can be intelligently controlled. With the right product mix, costs and energy consumption are reduced, and the transformation to climate neutrality is achieved.

amanteia is a tool that uses a small amount of data from a building to generate an investment plan. This shows how and where savings can be made and at what cost.

Grafik: Mit den richtigen Loesungen von meteoviva Kosten und Energieverbrauch senken