Our inspiration and model is Nature; and if we respect its laws, rewards are many.

MeteoViva Climate – a comfortable indoor climate makes a difference

Our goal is as simple as it is complex: create an on-going comfortable indoor climate while reducing the use of energy. It is with Nature that we navigate this route, understanding its dynamics and making incremental and barely noticeable adjustments to achieve our goal. MeteoViva is setting new standards in the intelligent heating and air conditioning of buildings.

Our inspiration and model is Nature; and if we respect its laws, rewards are many.
Markus Werner, Founder und Advisory Board MeteoViva GmbH

MeteoViva – the leader in intelligent building management

With MeteoViva Climate, we deliver a smart data solution for better energy and climate management. It now has accumulated over 7 million hours of operation, worldwide. The algorithm works predictively, is self-learning, reduces operating and energy expenditures significantly as well as CO2 emissions – and is the optimal partner for owners, facility managers and tenants of commercial building portfolios. MeteoViva has received numerous national and international awards and is the leader in intelligent building management. MeteoViva GmbH is ISO 27001-certified by TÜV Rheinland. The company has its headquarters in Jülich, Germany and subsidiaries in Switzerland, Netherlands and the USA.
Interview with Managing Director Dr. Stefan Hardt
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In the beginning was pure idealism – The history of MeteoViva

As early as 1995, Markus Werner had the idea of using a dynamic simulation model to control the energy consumption of buildings. He was convinced of it from the start. It took a few more years and a sparring partner, which he found in Dr. Stefan Hardt, for the first hand-soldered model to become the "MeteoViva Box" and the first high-profile customer. The history of MeteoViva – Interview with Markus Werner and Dr. Stefan Hardt


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