Dusseldorf Airport is expanding its cooperation with MeteoViva

Duesseldorf/Juelich, November 29, 2018 —Dusseldorf Airport wants to systematically expand its cooperation with MeteoViva in the field of smart building management. By deploying MeteoViva Climate, which actively and predictively controls a building’s indoor climate based on smart data, the company aims to further reduce its energy costs and carbon emissions. „We analyzed in detail what efficiency MeteoViva Climate can achieve in the different buildings on campus,“ explains Dr. Stefan Hardt, Managing Director of MeteoViva. Based on the results, the airport has already decided to implement the trans-technological, digital solution net year in Terminal C, among others.

The intelligent data-driven control is already in use in the central building east (Zentralgebäude Ost) and in Terminal A. „The innovative system has always exceeded our expectations so that we want to systematically continue to automate our building technology with smart data,“ says Ralf Mobers, Operations Manager Supply Technology at Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH.

Dusseldorf Airport was the first German airport to realize the high degree of innovation and efficiency of MeteoViva Climate. The first contract for the central building east was granted by the energy pioneer in 2011. To date, MeteoViva has been able to acquire other large German airports as customers, including the airports in Frankfurt and Munich. Together with Fraport AG, MeteoViva recently won the prestigious Energy Efficiency Award of the German Energy Agency (dena).

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