Designed for the customer – the new MeteoViva Cockpit

A platform that delivers essential climate data, at a glance, with critical functions at your fingertips. That was the guiding principle in the programming of the new MeteoViva online portal. IT engineer Felix Haferkorn explains.

Listening to the customer

At the end of last year, MeteoViva completely revised and optimized its Internet-based online portal. The task was: Create a platform that delivers the user at a glance all of the essential data and that is intuitively operable. With the MeteoViva Cockpit, companies can now control and monitor the indoor climate in their buildings much easier and more flexible.

Readily intuitive

From the MeteoViva Cockpit, all essential data is easily accessible and critical installation parameters can be adjusted. Set climate profiles, display zone temperatures or access energy consumptions. These capabilities were available since the launch of MeteoViva Climate. However, the first version was rather complex and confusing. “About three years ago, we completely disassembled the portal and sat in the customer’s chair, deciding from a user’s perspective, what is needed and how one would want to manage the building on a daily basis”, explained Felix Haferkorn, the IT engineer in charge of reprogramming. It quickly became clear: The customer wants a quick and simple overview of the essential data. And he wants to be able to implement necessary changes to the climate profile simply and with just a few clicks. These simple observations became the guiding principles in the programming process: “We want to avoid having the customer need help - everything should be intuitive, all information displayed should be self-explanatory”, says Haferkorn.

Symbols and images point the way

The development took two and a half years. Today, the building manager can quickly and easily change climate profiles for individual building zones and for specific weeks, or days, using a simple drag and drop interface. Using the building plan and a simple color code, the user can also quickly see all the zones temperatures and how they compare to the minimum and maximum allowed. The Cockpit also prominently displays any violation or system failure that requires attention. Climate data, temperatures, setpoints (etc.) can be easily retrieved, graphed, for any period or any climate zone.

Can be used with any building services engineering

Since the MeteoViva Cockpit is Internet-based, the tool can be accessed and operated from any PC or tablet with a current browser and without any additional software. The screen layout automatically adjusts to the screen used (e.g. PC, tablet, etc.) And of course, MeteoViva Cockpit provides the same user experience regardless of the building environment. “It operates directly and effortlessly, no additional software needed”, stressed Haferkorn.