1999 K Street

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1999 K Street, Washington DC, Deka Immobilien

Office buildings

Area: 25,276 m²

Product: meteovia dsm and meteoviva climate

Some times are better than others when it comes to operating an office building. meteoviva dsm building owners can reduce utility costs by shifting the building’s electric cooling and heating demands away from times when energy prices are high.

To reduce overall electricity costs by improving the building’s carbon footprint through energy-efficient operation and shifting consumption, for heating and cooling, to off-peak hours. Simultaneously, improving tenant comfort.


meteoviva used its climate and dsm solutions. With predictive models, we optimized and shifted demand using preheating and precooling strategies to flatten the profile without sacrificing comfort.


Peak demand was reduced by 20%, and energy costs and carbon emissions were slashed by 27% in the first year of operation. meteoviva‘s predictive and proactive building operations improved indoor comfort, significantly reducing the average degree-hours for the zones that are too hot by 33% and too cold by 45%. In addition, 24/7 monitoring detected faults before they affected the indoor climate. The result is a consistently pleasant workspace for tenants.


total floor area in sq ft


1,6 Jahre

payback period


27 %

carbon emissions savings: 157 tonnes per year

20 %

less peak demand


meteoviva has significantly reduced our carbon footprint, improved our tenants’ indoor comfort, and made our property more sustainable and cost-effective. We are extremely satisfied with our investment.

Enda Bracken, Senior Vice President Deka Immobilien, Real Estate Management USA