Save smart – guaranteed

Start saving on Day one – with MeteoViva Climate

MeteoViva Climate is the smart data solution to save energy and reduce costs, day after day. The setup is financed exclusively through the savings – and that is guaranteed. MeteoViva offers two financing models for that. Regardless of which model you choose – in the end there is always a win-win situation.

Save smart – guaranteed

With the installation of MeteoViva Climate you start saving energy and reduce your CO2 emissions on day one. A portion of the savings are paid to MeteoViva, bringing you the peace of mind that MeteoViva’s interests are in line with yours. And whether you chose to pay for the installation or opt for the financed option, MeteoViva guarantees its stated minimum savings.

Save without investment: MeteoViva Financing

There are no funds available or you want to charge the investment to the user in form of a flat service fee? No problem! In this case, we will assume the investment costs – there will be no expenses for you. In return, we will simply increase our profit-based operating fee for the first years of operation. The fact remains: Here too you will not bear any risk!

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