Smart and sustainable - that’s MeteoViva!

MeteoViva Managing Director Dr. Jan Scheffler about the post Corona economy, a perfect starting position and IT security.



How did the Corona crisis affect MeteoViva?
When the lockdown came, like many other companies, we sent all our employees into home office. Fortunately, we were very well prepared for virtual teamwork. To this day, we all got through the pandemic without infections and were able to continue our business almost unhindered. MeteoViva's pipeline is very well filled.

That means that the project work at the customer's site continued as well?
Yes. We were no longer able to visit the companies personally, but we quickly developed processes to continue the project work from a distance. The meetings and technical meetings took place via video call. For the first time we also carried out virtual acceptance tests of MeteoViva Climate installations. Our ongoing operational monitoring takes place from a distance anyway. The only difference was that our operations engineer logged in from home during the pandemic.

How has Corona changed the market for office buildings?
The Corona pandemic has shown very clearly how strong business models are that are based on modern IT solutions and work independent of your location. Accessibility from almost anywhere in the world via the Internet and mobile communications are turning the traditional business world upside down. Instead of going to the office every day, working from home has become the new normal. In all of our customers' office buildings we have noticed a high vacancy rate, which will certainly not disappear completely in the foreseeable future. The current distance rules yet conversely, will lead to a higher per capita space re-quirement. Most of our customers expect a decline in demand for space in the short and medium term and see higher requirements for space management.

How will you benefit from this?
Smart properties will increase in demand and value. By this I mean properties that are connected to modern intelligent networks, that can be managed flexibly and at the same time offer a high quality of comfort, i.e. a healthy indoor climate. Already today, we can provide a digital solution for all these requirements.

The issue of sustainability had to take a back seat during the pandemic because other issues suddenly became more urgent. And now?
With increasing normalization, it is becoming a very dominant topic again, from which we continue to benefit. We are increasingly working for clients who pursue a clear sustainability strategy for their building portfolio. Our client Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH, for example, now has 258 sustainably certified properties in its portfolio. At the end of 2019, 68 percent of all property assets were certified.
Due to a very favorable ratio between investment and realized CO2 savings, MeteoViva Climate is an intelligent element for sustainability for all customers. MeteoViva is a partner with whom they can achieve their sustainability goals without compromising the quality of use of their properties or the yield of the funds.

With increasing connecitivity, the risk of cyber-attacks is growing. How do you help your customers?
IT security is a top priority for us. We have a digital interface for the data communication in all buildings that we supply with control data and monitor during operation. Trust in us and our services depends to a great extent on our customers being able to rely on a secure digital communication with the building that cannot be accessed by a third party. Since we also supply our control data to system-critical infrastructures such as airports and utilities, as well as companies such as the European Central Bank and BMW, we decided to obtain ISO 27001 certification. At the same time, our high security standards are regularly re-viewed by external auditors.


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