MeteoViva and Sauter-Cumulus will support the City of Hamburg to become carbon neutral

As the City of Hamburg's sustainability partner, the two companies will equip the public buildings with MeteoViva's smart data solution and the corresponding building automation from Sauter-Cumulus. Energy consumption and CO2 emissions will be reduced significantly as a result.

Jülich, 6th March 2023 — by 2045, the City of Hamburg aims to reduce emissions by at least 98 percent to become carbon neutral. Reducing CO2 emissions in existing buildings by optimising the operation of public properties plays an important role in the City of Hamburg's plan. In a Europe-wide tender, the City of Hamburg awarded the contract to the technology company MeteoViva and the building automation manufacturer Sauter-Cumulus together.

The companies are now responsible for equipping all buildings identified by the city for energy efficiency measures over the next two years. This framework agreement can be extended for up to six years. It basically involves 700 buildings managed by the city's real estate company, Sprinkenhof GmbH. These include fire department and university buildings, district offices and the Congress Center Hamburg.

In addition to its pricing and the service offered, the bidding consortium was able to convince above all, with its combined expertise. Both companies are considered market leaders and can build on the experience of numerous successful projects in their respective segments. MeteoViva will develop the simulation model for the respective objects to be able to calculate and provide the smart data for optimal operation. Sauter-Cumulus will prepare and adapt the plant technology and building automation in the objects accordingly.

For MeteoViva, this is the first order of this magnitude in the public sector.
Our climate protection technology has now more than proven itself in large real estate portfolios in the private sector. We are delighted that our solution is now making its way into the public real estate sector across the board.

We are proud to be able to decisively advance the city of Hamburg as a partner in the implementation of its ambitious climate plan. MeteoViva Managing Director Uwe Großmann

"Just as it is for the city of Hamburg, it is  becoming more and more important for companies to focus on sustainability in their corporate strategy," said Werner Ottilinger, Managing Director of SAUTER Germany. "SAUTER is currently undergoing a transformation process towards becoming a sustainable company itself. We are proud to be able to contribute our expertise in the area of consumption reduction and CO2 mitigation of real estate to the partnership with the city of Hamburg."

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