MeteoViva enters into strategic partnership with SAUTER

MeteoViva will provide BMS manufacturer SAUTER with smart data for climate-friendly building control in the future.

Predictive control of buildings can reduce CO2 footprint and operating costs.

Jülich, 17. November 2021 — MeteoViva is entering into a strategic partnership with the Freiburg-based building automation manufacturer Sauter-Cumulus. MeteoViva is entering into a strategic partnership with the Freiburg-based building automation manufacturer Sauter-Cumulus. MeteoViva provides SAUTER with optimized control data that is used by Sauter-Cumulus' central building management solution. As a result, the properties in which SAUTER's systems are used are operated in an even more demand-oriented and thus energy-efficient manner. The result is a reduction of up to 40 percent in the energy consumption of the systems technology and a stable and healthy indoor climate.

Following the announcement of its partnership with Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Sauter-Cumulus is the second leading building automation manufacturer to use MeteoViva's smart solution. Sauter-Cumulus aims to integrate the control data provided by MeteoViva Climate directly through the web-based Sauter Vision Center. This will provide customers with an integrated user interface to holistically operate, analyze and optimize the system operation of their buildings. In combination with MeteoViva Climate, buildings equipped with Sauter Vision Center control and monitor themselves.

MeteoViva has already been working well with SAUTER for years on various projects on site. „The strategic partnership with Sauter-Cumulus GmbH is a consistent further development of this good relationship and cooperation“, explains Dr. Stefan Hardt, spokesman for the management of  MeteoViva GmbH. „Through this partnership, we reach an even larger target group and reduce the effort required for our joint customers.“

The integration is scheduled to take place by the end of the year, so that customers of Sauter-Cumulus will be able to use the integrated offer from the beginning of 2022. Linking the digital service to SAUTER's platform ensures that SAUTER customers will also automatically benefit from future technology updates from MeteoViva.

„We are pleased to be able to offer our customers another component of smart building control technology with our new partner MeteoViva and predictive building control“, explains Werner Ottilinger, Managing Director od Sauter-Cumulus GmbH. „Together, we are enabling our customers for the climate-friendly future in both new and existing buildings.“

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