MeteoViva Climate Conquers the German Airports

Jülich/Amsterdam, September 28, 2017 - The new MeteoViva Campus solution uses predictive algorithms to manage the campus energy demand – while factoring pricing to optimize the internal-external supply mix.

MeteoViva Climate has now established solid credentials in the airport segment: the first half of 2017 saw three new orders placed by the Düsseldorf and Frankfurt airports.

In Düsseldorf, the smart data building control solution has been in use in the Central Building East since 2012. And the building saw a reduction in energy costs of about 40 percent. “Based on sustained cost reductions and the fact that the technology has proven to be robust and reliable in our environment, we decided to roll it out to Terminal A - about 484,000 sq. ft. - in April of this year” explained Ralf Mobers, head of the Supply Technology at Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH. At the same time, Düsseldorf Airport decided to test the new Campus Solution, an extension of MeteoViva specifically designed for airports and multi-building environments.

“With MeteoViva Campus, we’ll be able to forecast the demand for energy for all the buildings on campus. In addition, the platform will allow for the management of the different energy sources available, such as a co-generation plant, district heating or solar power, and satisfy the campus total energy demand precisely, in the most economical way possible” explains Stefan Hardt, Managing Director of MeteoViva.

Airport energy management is particularly challenging. A typical airport includes a wide variety of building types, with different designs, uses, and a variety of energy sources as well; it is a multi-dimensional optimization challenge. “Together with MeteoViva, we want to manage our energy resources and flows to approach self-sufficiency, and minimize generation costs for heating, air-conditioning and electricity,” commented Mobers.

Frankfurt Airport continues to value MeteoViva’s technology as well. Since MeteoViva Climate was able to deliver energy cost savings of 19 percent in the corporate headquarters Building 178, Fraport AG also rolled out the solution to Fire Station 4 in April. The building was designed to comply with the passive house standard, and the primary objective is to maintain a comfortable indoor climate 24/7. “In Building 178, we succeeded to improve indoor climate and occupant satisfaction noticeably with the help of MeteoViva. We hope to achieve similar results at the new Fire Station 4, which poses a real challenge because of its 24 hour operation and multiple uses”, explains Günter Meyer, head of Central Infrastructure Management (ZIM-FS). Fraport AG is now evaluating the deployment of MeteoViva Climate in additional buildings.

MeteoViva Climate

MeteoViva Climate, the patented smart data solution brings building management to the next level. With a minimal installation effort and the ability to connect to any existing system, it reliably delivers smart data for a foolproof predictive solution to your building. Today, 70 office and manufacturing buildings in Europe and the USA benefit from MeteoViva Climate, achieving lower energy costs, reduced CO2 emissions, and a comfortable indoor climate. Customers include the logistics heavyweights DHL and Deutsche Bahn, industrial players such as Daimler, Bosch and BMW, insurance companies Generali and Hannover Rück, airports, as well as various local governments.

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