MeteoViva announces digital partnership with the Workplace Analytics Provider Locatee

Jülich/Zurich, 14 January 2020 - MeteoViva, the leading smart data provider for intelligent building control, has signed a sales cooperation agreement with the Zurich-based company Locatee. The aim of the partnership is to combine the smart technologies of both companies in such a way that customers can manage their buildings even more sustainably and in line with their needs.

Locatee has developed Workplace Analytics software that evaluates complex occupancy data of office buildings and thus provides insights into space utilization. These insights support corporate real estate management teams in making decisions regarding real estate portfolios, such as identifying optimization potential.

MeteoViva can integrate the occupancy data from Locatee in its real-time indoor climate optimisation simulation, thus providing even more precise control of the building. Buildings can be heated, cooled or ventilated fully automatically and just in time, according to demand. In addition to an optimized indoor climate, this leads to significantly lower energy consumption.

The two technology companies have successfully implemented their collaboration at the Zofingen data centre of the Swiss PostFinance AG. "Here, we have not only linked the intelligent data of both companies, but have also been able to use the experience gained with regard to the requirements of high-tech office buildings," emphasizes Dr. Jan Scheffler, Managing Director of MeteoViva.

Thomas Kessler, CEO and co-founder of Locatee, adds: "Thanks to strong partnerships such as the one with MeteoViva and the combination of different technologies, we are able to support our customers in working towards a smart building in a systematic way".

The reason why such cooperation is so easy is that MeteoViva has equipped its intelligent building control system with an open interface. In this way, smart data of any kind can be easily integrated into your own analyses in real time. This is also conceivable, for example, with data on energy prices, customer flows or passenger numbers.

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