Reduced emissions, higher satisfaction

Improved value for building owners

For building owners such as investment funds or large corporations, the use of MeteoViva Climate helps increase the value of the building portfolio, and the effects can be felt in many ways.

Environmentally aware

MeteoViva Climate has a measurable impact on CO2 emissions of buildings, which it significantly reduces across the portfolio.


Coupled with MeteoViva EMS, MeteoViva Climate leads to greater insight in energy consumption, CO2 emissions and building conditions. In the long run, it can help the energy purchasing function and help in the greening of the portfolio.

“We want to install MeteoViva Climate in as many buildings as possible as a way to shrink our CO2 footprint and promote tenant satisfaction at the same time.” Generali


MeteoViva Climate is committed to creating the perfect indoor climate – a commitment that tenants appreciate every day. Tenants also welcome the reduced charges that come from reduced consumption and operating costs. It is also important to note that tenants are increasingly focused on the environmental aspects of their work environments. All of this leads to improved space appeal, tenant satisfaction and occupancy.


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