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The service for facility services

Building technology continues to grow exponentially more complex and the demands on facilities staff grow with it. As a result, innovation is becoming critical to help harness the technology and the buildings it supports.

The best settings – automatically

Predictive control ensures automated settings and monitoring of the building. The software uses real-time building data, future usage (e.g. occupancy), and the weather forecast to continuously adjust all systems. A comfortable indoor climate means fewer complaints and fewer service calls. The resources saved can be put to profitable use elsewhere.

Documentation – automatically

Compliance and documentation play an increasingly important role in building operation but should not come with additional costs. Were the climate and operating times logged? Was energy consumption adjusted for weather conditions and usage and recorded in periodic reports? Reporting for climate and energy consumption is integrated in the MeteoViva Cockpit.

Keeping the future in mind

With MeteoViva, facility service providers stay ahead of the competition, and they will remain so in the future – because the intelligent digital solution is future-ready with open interfaces, cloud capability – and compatible with every system and manufacturer. Facility managers can use MeteoViva to optimize and streamline the management of entire building portfolio.


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