Top marks for service

How satisfied are you with MeteoViva on a scale from 1 to 10? And what are you particularly satisfied or dissatisfied with? We asked these two questions to those who work with MeteoViva Climate on site every day.

43 technicians and facility managers as well as property managers participated in our first survey. This represents an exceptionally gratifying participation rate of 25 percent. Overall, the majority of respondents gave MeteoViva top marks. MeteoViva achieved a satisfaction score of 8.2 out of a maximum of 10, and participants provided some additional suggestions for further improvement.

We are pleased with the good rating. It's an incentive for us to keep our high level of service in mind and even improve it.Marc Cremer, Operations Engineer at MeteoViva

What is important to the users?
Respondents are particularly satisfied with the service, technical competence and short response times. The information on technical faults such as new impulses for the TGA were also mentioned positively. This means that systems can be serviced at an early stage, before the users of the building notice anything. Some participants would like to have more intensive training for the cockpit in order to be able to handle the additional tools more quickly. On the product side, it was pointed out that it would be advantageous in the future to show an automated quantification of the annual savings.

Presentation of results
On June 18, we presented the results to interested participants in an online meeting and took away some more suggestions.

We would like to thank all participants once again.

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