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GAP 15 in Düsseldorf and Friedrich Carré in Berlin are two of more than 100 properties in Deka-Immobilien's portfolio that will be equipped with MeteoViva Climate. The effect can already be seen.

24 stories, floor-to-ceiling glass windows all around and an elliptical design: The GAP 15 plays a decisive role in shaping the skyline of Düsseldorf's city center. However, heating and cooling the office tower as efficiently as possible while maintaining the desired climate for all tenants is something of a challenge. The weather conditions on the upper floors regularly differ from those in the basement. In addition, modern glass buildings generally tend to overheat or cool down quickly in the event of temperature fluctuations, unless appropriate countermeasures are taken at an early stage.

The digital building twin of the GAP 15 developed by MeteoViva takes precisely these effects into account. As a result, double-digit savings could be achieved while maintaining a pleasant indoor climate on all floors. Klaus Klaassen, the technical asset manager responsible for GAP 15, is pleased that the MeteoViva approach allows energy consumption to be controlled even better. But he also appreciates the analyses MeteoViva provides on building operations.

I find the monitoring reports very helpful. They show me where something was not working well within the HVAC systems.Klaus Klaassen, Technical Asset Management at Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH.

Better decisions thanks to more transparency
His Berlin-based colleague Carsten Schmidt also got a tool in his hands with MeteoViva Climate that simplifies his work processes and workflows. He was one of the first technical asset managers at Deka to use MeteoViva Climate in the properties he manages.

I was immediately convinced by the approach of saving energy through proactive operation of plant technology. This is the right place to start. So we really jumped ahead.Carsten Schmidt, Technical Asset Management at Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH.

The success proved him right. In the first year of operation, almost 100,000 euros in operating costs were saved in the Friedrich Carré 1 and 2 office complex thanks to the intelligent building control system. The controllable energy costs were reduced by 34 percent, significantly more than the forecast value of 20 percent. And thanks to the uniform temperature profiles, complaints about the indoor climate have been reduced.

In total, both Deka properties saved over 500 tons of CO2 in their first year of operation.

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