The use of MeteoViva Climate makes the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) certification of buildings in operation easier from now on.

As the first “DGNB recognized service", the smart data solution secures its users at least a bronze DGNB certificate from the outset.

The DGNB recognition confirms MeteoViva Climate as an important element in the context of a holistically oriented, sustainable real estate management.

Jülich, 07. September 2021 MeteoViva is the first company whose product MeteoViva Climate has been officially recognized by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) as a service for the 2020 version of the  "Buildings in Operation" certification system. As a result of the DGNB recognition, the use of MeteoViva Climate is now automatically linked to a guaranteed level of compliance with which the service will be included in the certification result - regardless of the specific project characteristics.

The solution for the climate-friendly and energy-efficient operation of buildings has a positive effect on seven of the nine economic, environmental as well as social and functional criteria defined by the DGNB. "With MeteoViva Climate, building owners and operators secure a degree of fulfillment of at least 37 percent from the outset, which means they receive a DGNB certificate in bronze right away," explains Dr. Stefan Hardt, spokesman for the management of MeteoViva GmbH. "Depending on the specific features of the building, the compliance level can be additionally increased by up to 11 percent with the smart data solution."  Another decisive advantage of the recognition: the documentation effort and thus also the certification costs per building are significantly reduced. This makes the use of MeteoViva Climate particularly interesting for multiple certifications for entire portfolios.

MeteoViva Climate makes sustainability measurable
"The recognition by the DGNB confirms the importance of MeteoViva Climate as a key component of a holistic sustainability strategy for the real estate industry," emphasized MeteoViva founder and advisory board member Markus Werner at the presentation of the audit report. The product serves social, environmental and economic goals.  The focus is on a significant reduction in energy costs and CO2 emissions. However, with the help of the data automatically generated by MeteoViva Climate, the quality of the indoor climate can also be quantified for the first time and thus evaluated economically. "The recognition of MeteoViva technology by the DGNB subsequently leads to "Certified Sustainability" of real estate on the way to climate neutrality by 2045, which in turn has a positive effect on the value of real estate operated with MeteoViva Climate," Werner sums up.

MeteoViva once again takes on the pioneering role
"We are pleased that MeteoViva is the first company to use the new opportunity for recognition within our DGNB certification for buildings in operation with its service product MeteoViva Climate," says Johannes Kreißig, Executive Director of the DGNB. "It helps to systematically optimize our building stock in terms of holistic sustainability and thus make a relevant contribution to climate protection goals."

The DGNB Buildings in Operation system does not evaluate individual measures, but the overall performance of a building. For MeteoViva Climate's service offerings, which have been awarded the new "DGNB recognized service" label, the DGNB has examined and specifically identified the criteria for which they make a positive contribution to the certification result. MeteoViva Climate covers fixed and variable indicators in the criteria "climate protection and energy", "operating costs", "risk management and value retention", "procurement and management", "indoor comfort" and "user friendliness". Depending on the project, indicators of the criterion "water" are also fulfilled. Certified sustainability with MeteoViva ClimateInterview with Markus Werner

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