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The day starts early in MeteoViva's operations department in Jülich. At 7:00 a.m., the first priority of engineers Vijay Bhat (37) and Marc Cremer (27) is the MeteoViva Cockpit.

The fully digital monitoring system shows the status of HVAC systems in the 135 objects controlled worldwide with MeteoViva Climate, as well as issues caused through human intervention, such as a window left open that are influencing the optimization. The cockpit indicates, for example, any deviation in the climate profiles, in the setpoint and actual values and the actual sensor fitness. If an alarm is shown in the Cockpit, the colleagues immediately inform the local Facility Managers of the respective building. In direct contact, the problem can usually be quickly identified and rectified.

With our monitoring system, we detect failures and incorrect settings at a very early stage and resolve them together with the Facility Manager on site before the tenants notice anything.Marc Cremer, Technical Operation Engineer MeteoViva

Marc Cremer loves the daily contact with customers. He communicates regulary with them in order to jointly analyze weak points in the building technology and identify further savings opportunities for the clients. Together with his colleague Vijay Bhat, Cremer then advises the clients with measures to save even more energy and CO2 emissions. To do this, both use the digital twin, that shows exactly what goes on in the building. Vijay is an expert to analyse deviations in the performance. The operations engineer models and calibrates the model to reflect the various influences on the building's behavior as realistically as possible. He does this until the building's energy performance improves even further without any loss of comfort for the tenants.

The operations department is also the contact for customers when it comes to questions about the MeteoViva Cockpit and evaluations of achieved savings.

Our forecasts must be very precise so that we can achieve the perfect indoor climate and save energyVijay Bhat, Technical Operation Management MeteoViva

Vijay Bhat and Marc Cremer look forward to helping you with all aspects of building operations.


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